About us

We are GulfSport Timing.  We provide superior race timing services to sporting events throughout the country.  From world class ultra-distance triathlons to local 5k road races, GulfSport Timing provides premium services tailored to meet your event’s individual needs.

About Visia


Our range of services is designed to take your event from registration to results.  We will be your customers’ first and last impression.  Our established clients enjoy our premium products and our exceptional customer service.  Our startup clients enjoy the streamlined services and allow them to focus on the various other aspects of their events.  We build our business on building your events.  

    • GetMeRegistered.com
    • No setup cost
    • Secure, modern, simplified registration

    Race Registration

    • Free with GetMeRegistered.com registration
    • Prerace data preparation
    • Data management at event site
    • Data security and redundancy
    • Eblast pre and post-race

    Database Management

    • Generic bibs provided at no additional cost
    • Fully customized color bibs provided at a small fee
    • Individualized packets customized to your events needs
    • Complete packet prep provided

    Packet Prep

    • Live race results online and mobile page
    • Integrated results on your current event website
    • Live race reports to race directors

    Live Results

    • Instant customized personal result printouts at event site
    • Sellable sponsorship space on result printouts
    • Personalized finisher certificates online

    Personalized Results

Our Works

The Team

Corey Neal


Timing races for Gulfsport Timing has been a dream come true! Between the travel and working with the triathalon community it has been one of the most rewarding experiences. As an avid cyclist, commuting to work on my fixed gear bike almost every day, I love the thrill of pushing myself and staying healthy. Can't stop, won't stop! I'm going back to school to get my bachelors degree in Philosophy from the University of West Florida. I look forward to applying my love for life and knowledge to the events Gulfsport Timing attends. I hope to see you there!

Pat Fox

owner, timer

Pat is both the owner and lead timer at GulfSport.  His prior job was the Director of Timing and Scoring at World Triathlon Corporation, better known as Ironman.  There he developed and led timing teams in the US and Europe to timing some of the largest and most high profile events in the industry.  As an athlete himself he understands the importance of timing and has the energy to make sure your event is successful.  

Katie Fox

logistics, planning

Katie runs our logistics and planning.  She’s the person making sure everything is where it needs to be.  She has a background in civil and environmental engineering.  As an Ironman finisher and 3 time marathoner she also has a firm understanding of the various aspects of the events and the energy to get things done.

Visia team


  • “TriColumbia has had the opportunity to utilize Pat Fox's timing services for several races. Pat continually delivers excellent timing. His ability to engage with athletes, trouble shoot issues, and produce accurate results separates him from many other timers in the industry. I would highly recommend Pat for any of your timing needs!”

    Kari Ebeling CEO TriColumbia
  • “World Triathlon Corporation has taken great pleasure in working with Pat Fox. His professionalism and timing expertise provided exceptional service to our athletes and race personnel. I recommend him to any race director looking for a top tier professional timing operation.”

    Andrew Messick CEO World Triathlon Corporation
  • “Southeast Regional Sales Representative - Competitor Group, Inc I have worked with (Pat) on numerous occasions and would gladly recommend him. The best timers in the event business are even tempered, able to remain calm even when everything around them is going crazy and are great problem solvers. Pat Fox is all these things and to add, a really nice guy. It's my pleasure to know that Pat is timing an event I am part of.”

    Dave Ragsdale Race Announcer and Sales Rep Competitor Group
  • “Chief Operations Officer, Silverback Enterprises I would recommend Pat for timing at any race. He is extremely detailed and driven to ensure a flawless event. He developed our timing department and managed the scoring of domestic and international events, facing many issues in the process. He will be an asset to any event.”

    Joanna Meyers COO Silverback Enterprises